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District  > Washington State  > Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction  > Pasco School District
Pasco School District
  Superintendent Saundra Hill
  1215 W LEWIS ST PASCO 99301-5472
Educational Service District 123
Note: This school/district participated in the Smarter Balanced Field Test in 2013-2014. Any data shown for 2013-14 in reading, writing, and math in grades 3-8 only reflect students tested on the MSP. At a district level, the data reported here may reflect results for only some of the schools in the district rather than the entire district.
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2013-14 MSP/HSPE Results (Administration Info)
Grade LevelReadingMathWritingScience
3rd Grade SuppressedSuppressed  
4th Grade SuppressedSuppressedSuppressed 
5th Grade    45.2%
6th Grade SuppressedSuppressed  
8th Grade    49.1%
10th Grade 66.1%See EOC below75.7%See EOC below
Grade Level *EOC Math Year 1EOC Math Year 2
ALL Grades 38.6%33.2%
Grade Level *EOC Biology
ALL Grades 56.6%

* End of Course (EOC) exams are given in any grade in which the course is offered.

** The "Makeup" exam was given to students who had already completed the Year 1 or Year 2 coursework. It was not a "retake".

Student Demographics
October 2013 Student Count16,726
May 2014 Student Count16,582
Gender (October 2013)
Race/Ethnicity (October 2013)
Hispanic / Latino of any race(s)11,51368.8%
American Indian / Alaskan Native190.1%
Black / African American3502.1%
Native Hawaiian / Other Pacific Islander300.2%
Two or More Races3502.1%
Special Programs
Free or Reduced-Price Meals (May 2014)12,46775.2%
Special Education (May 2014)2,22413.4%
Transitional Bilingual (May 2014)5,84935.3%
Migrant (May 2014)1,2147.3%
Section 504 (May 2014)1681.0%
Foster Care (May 2014)760.5%
Other Information (more info)
Unexcused Absence Rate (2013-14)8,8100.5%
Adjusted 4-Year Cohort Graduation Rate (Class of 2013)70.2%
Adjusted 5-year Cohort Graduation Rate (Class of 2012)71.3%
College/University enrollment rates of graduates

Teacher Information (2013-14)  (more info)
Classroom Teachers998
Average Years of Teacher Experience11.6
Teachers with at least a Master's Degree67.0%
Total number of teachers who teach core academic classes769
% of teachers teaching with an emergency certificate0.3%
% of teachers teaching with a conditional certificate0.5%
Total number of core academic classes2,992
ESEA Highly Qualified Teacher Information
% of classes taught by teachers meeting ESEA highly qualified (HQ) definition96.2%
   % of classes taught by teachers who do not meet ESEA HQ definition3.8%
% of classes in high poverty schools taught by teachers who meet ESEA HQ definition94.8%
   % of classes in high poverty schools taught by teachers who do not meet ESEA HQ definition5.3%
% of classes in low poverty schools taught by teachers who meet ESEA HQ definition94.9%
   % of classes in low poverty schools taught by teachers who do not meet ESEA HQ definition5.1%