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Lincoln Elementary School School Web Site
  Principal Hendrik Kruithof
3604286135    (more info)
  1005 S 11th St Mount Vernon 98274-4422
Mount Vernon School District
  Grade Span: K-5
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2016-17 Results (Administration Info)
Grade LevelSBA ELASBA Math
3rd Grade 43.7%59.3%
4th Grade 41.3%55.4%
5th Grade 36.9%26.0%
Grade LevelMSP Science
5th Grade 36.9%
Student Demographics
October 2016 Student Count371
May 2017 Student Count376
Gender (October 2016)
Race/Ethnicity (October 2016)
Hispanic / Latino of any race(s)20354.7%
American Indian / Alaskan Native20.5%
Black / African American20.5%
Native Hawaiian / Other Pacific Islander61.6%
Two or More Races102.7%
Special Programs
Free or Reduced-Price Meals (May 2017)26169.4%
Special Education (May 2017)308.0%
Transitional Bilingual (May 2017)12633.5%
Migrant (May 2017)5013.3%
Section 504 (May 2017)112.9%
Other Information (more info)
Unexcused Absence Rate (2016-17)150.0%
Information on Homeless Students may be found here

Teacher Information (2016-17)  (more info)
Classroom Teachers26
   Hispanic / Latino of any race(s)1
Average Years of Teacher Experience12.3
   Hispanic / Latino of any race(s)31.7
Teachers with at least a Master's Degree50.0%
% of teachers teaching with an emergency certificate0.0%
% of teachers teaching with a conditional certificate0.0%