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Oakland Bay Junior High School
  Principal Bracken Budge
  3301 Shelton Springs Rd. Shelton 98584
Shelton School District
  Grade Span: 8-9
This displays student performance information for Measurements of Student Progress (MSP) for grades 3 through 8, and the High School Proficiency Exam (HSPE) starting with the school year 2009-10. For the previous years, the results show the Washington Assessment of Student Learning (WASL). You can view either details or trends for the individual school, school district or the entire state.

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7th Grade WASL

Reading - Grade 7
Percent Who Met Standard 34.8%
Level 4 : above standard 12.5%
Level 3 : met standard 22.3%
Percent Not Meeting Standard 65.2%
Level 2 : below standard 45.8%
Level 1 : well below standard 11.7%
Not Tested 7.6%
Math - Grade 7
Percent Who Met Standard 19.8%
Level 4 : above standard 8.0%
Level 3 : met standard 11.8%
Percent Not Meeting Standard 80.2%
Level 2 : below standard 18.3%
Level 1 : well below standard 55.1%
Not Tested 6.8%
Writing - Grade 7
Percent Who Met Standard 42.4%
Percent Not Meeting Standard 57.6%
Not Tested 7.6%
Listening - Grade 7
Percent Who Met Standard 79.8%
Percent Not Meeting Standard 20.2%
Not Tested 5.7%