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  Superintendent James Everett
3603987111    (more info)
  214 W LAUREL RD BELLINGHAM 98226-9623
Northwest Educational Service District 189

Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives Summary

This page presents a summary of your AMAO results. (What does Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives mean?)

Select a year:

Yes Met AMAO    NR Number of students less than minimum required
No Did not meet AMAO    NA No students in this category

AMAO-1 Making Progress AMAO-2 Attainment of English Proficiency AMAO-3
District/School Met All 3 AMAOs Students matched Making progress Met AMAO1 target (68.1%) Unscored Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Total students % Transi-
Met AMAO2 Target (8.0%) Met Reading Proficiency/ Participation Met Math Proficiency/ Participation Met AMAO3
State Total No 84,421 77.9% Yes 1,918 4,118 29,724 58,804 19,020 113,584 16.7% Yes No No No
Meridian School District No 96 81.2% Yes 5 8 49 48 18 128 14.0% Yes No No No
Irene Reither Elementary School No 64 76.5% Yes 2 3 35 35 7 82 8.5% Yes No No No
Meridian High School Yes 17 82.3% NR 2 0 12 9 4 27 14.8% NR NR NR NR
Meridian Middle School Yes 15 100.0% NR 1 5 2 4 7 19 36.8% NR NR NR NR
  No* indicates district failed to meet all three AMAOs due to consortium total
  Yes* indicates district met all three AMAOs due to consortium total
   Results may be suppressed (Info).