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Union High School
  Principal Brian Grimsted
360.604.6250    (more info)
  6201 NW Friberg-Strunk St Camas 98607-0000
Evergreen School District (Clark)
  Grade Span: 9-12
Note: ELPA21 results from the 2017-18 administration will be published in December 2018.

This displays student performance for the English Language Proficiency test for the 21st Century (ELPA21). The state administered the Washington English Language Proficiency Assessment (WELPA) on 2011-12 through 2014-15, and prior to that, the Washington Language Proficiency Test (WLPT-II). You can view either details or trend for an individual school, school district or the entire state.

Select a category of students:

Proficiency Status - Grade 9th
Exits Program  <=5%
Qualifies for Program  >=95%
No Score*   
Previously Transitioned   
Suppression Reason (Info)<= 5% Suppression
Proficiency Status - Grade 10th
Exits Program2 10.0%
Proficient2 10.0%
Qualifies for Program18 90.0%
Progressing14 70.0%
Emerging3 15.0%
No Score*1 5.0%
Total20 100.0%
Previously Transitioned0  
Proficiency Status - Grade 11th
Exits Program3 12.5%
Proficient3 12.5%
Qualifies for Program21 87.5%
Progressing17 70.8%
Emerging4 16.6%
No Score*0 0.0%
Total24 100.0%
Previously Transitioned0  
Proficiency Status - Grade 12th
Exits Program2 15.3%
Proficient2 15.3%
Qualifies for Program11 84.6%
Progressing11 84.6%
Emerging0 0.0%
No Score*0 0.0%
Total13 100.0%
Previously Transitioned0  
Proficiency Status - Grade All
Exits Program8 10.0%
Proficient8 10.0%
Qualifies for Program72 90.0%
Progressing58 72.5%
Emerging12 15.0%
No Score*2 2.5%
Total80 100.0%
Previously Transitioned0  
  • * No Score includes tests that were incomplete, invalid or taken at the wrong grade level. Also includes students who have qualified for but not yet transitioned out of English Language Learner/English Language Development (ELL/ELD) services for whom no test is returned.
  • ** Previously Transitioned includes students who transitioned out of program in a previous year and were not required to test but for whom a test was returned.