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  Principal Steve Salisbury
2069017500    (more info)
  5939 S 149TH ST TUKWILA 98168-0000
Tukwila School District
  Grade Span: PK-5

This displays student performance for the English Language Proficiency test for the 21st Century (ELPA21). The state administered the Washington English Language Proficiency Assessment (WELPA) on 2011-12 through 2014-15, and prior to that, the Washington Language Proficiency Test (WLPT-II). You can view either details or trend for an individual school, school district or the entire state.

Select a category of students:

Composite Level - Grade K
Transitional (English Proficient)  <=5%
Level 4 (Transitional)   
Not Transitional (Limited English)  >=95%
Level 3 (Advanced English)   
Level 2 (Intermediate English)   
Level 1 (Beginning English)   
No Score*   
Previously Transitioned   
Suppression Reason (Info)<= 5% Suppression
Composite Level - Grade 1st
Transitional (English Proficient)14 31.1%
Level 4 (Transitional)14 31.1%
Not Transitional (Limited English)31 68.8%
Level 3 (Advanced English)23 51.1%
Level 2 (Intermediate English)6 13.3%
Level 1 (Beginning English)2 4.4%
No Score*0 0.0%
Total45 100.0%
Previously Transitioned   
Composite Level - Grade 2nd
Transitional (English Proficient)8 13.5%
Level 4 (Transitional)8 13.5%
Not Transitional (Limited English)51 86.4%
Level 3 (Advanced English)34 57.6%
Level 2 (Intermediate English)15 25.4%
Level 1 (Beginning English)2 3.3%
No Score*0 0.0%
Total59 100.0%
Previously Transitioned   
Composite Level - Grade 3rd
Transitional (English Proficient)2 6.2%
Level 4 (Transitional)2 6.2%
Not Transitional (Limited English)30 93.7%
Level 3 (Advanced English)24 75.0%
Level 2 (Intermediate English)5 15.6%
Level 1 (Beginning English)0 0.0%
No Score*1 3.1%
Total32 100.0%
Previously Transitioned   
Composite Level - Grade 4th
Transitional (English Proficient)5 12.8%
Level 4 (Transitional)5 12.8%
Not Transitional (Limited English)34 87.1%
Level 3 (Advanced English)25 64.1%
Level 2 (Intermediate English)8 20.5%
Level 1 (Beginning English)0 0.0%
No Score*1 2.5%
Total39 100.0%
Previously Transitioned   
Composite Level - Grade 5th
Transitional (English Proficient)6 25.0%
Level 4 (Transitional)6 25.0%
Not Transitional (Limited English)18 75.0%
Level 3 (Advanced English)13 54.1%
Level 2 (Intermediate English)4 16.6%
Level 1 (Beginning English)1 4.1%
No Score*0 0.0%
Total24 100.0%
Previously Transitioned   
Composite Level - Grade All
Transitional (English Proficient)36 14.4%
Level 4 (Transitional)36 14.4%
Not Transitional (Limited English)213 85.5%
Level 3 (Advanced English)138 55.4%
Level 2 (Intermediate English)65 26.1%
Level 1 (Beginning English)5 2.0%
No Score*5 2.0%
Total249 100.0%
Previously Transitioned   
  • * No Score includes tests that were incomplete, invalid or taken at the wrong grade level. Also includes students who have qualified for but not yet transitioned out of English Language Learner/English Language Development (ELL/ELD) services for whom no test is returned.
  • ** Previously Transitioned includes students who transitioned out of program in a previous year and were not required to test but for whom a test was returned.