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Puget Sound Educational Service District 121
Note: This tab displays results from the Smarter Balanced Assessments from 2014-15 through 2016-17. Results from the 2017-18 administration are available under the "NEW: Assessment Data 2018" tab.

This displays student performance information for the Smarter Balanced Assessments for grades 3 through 8 and 11 starting with the school year 2014-15. You can view either details or trends for the individual school, school district or the entire state.

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8th Grade SBA

English Language Arts 8th Grade
Meeting Standard including PP‡2,511 69.0%
Meeting Standard2,511 69.0%
Level 41,121 30.8%
Level 31,317 36.2%
Basic73 2.0%
Not Meeting Standard1,127 30.9%
Level 2529 14.5%
Level 1435 11.9%
No Score*163 4.4%
Total3,638 100.0%
Meeting Standard excluding No Score  72.2%
Alternate Assessment (see WA-AIM)34  
Not included in test calculations**148  
Total Enrollment3,820  
Math 8th Grade
Meeting Standard including PP‡2,296 63.0%
Meeting Standard2,296 63.0%
Level 41,529 41.9%
Level 3731 20.0%
Basic36 0.9%
Not Meeting Standard1,346 36.9%
Level 2547 15.0%
Level 1615 16.8%
No Score*184 5.0%
Total3,642 100.0%
Meeting Standard excluding No Score  66.3%
Alternate Assessment (see WA-AIM)33  
Not included in test calculations**145  
Total Enrollment3,820  
  • * Other (No Score) includes no booklet, enrolled but not tested, incomplete, insufficient, invalidated and tested out of grade level.
  • ** Exempted includes not enrolled during testing window, partially enrolled, medical exempt, previously passed and NNEP exempt
  • ‡ Met Standard including PP includes all students that met the standard during this test administration and also includes students who have met the standard for this test during a previous test administration.