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This displays student performance information for Measurements of Student Progress (MSP) for grades 3 through 8, and the High School Proficiency Exam (HSPE) starting with the school year 2009-10. For the previous years, the results show the Washington Assessment of Student Learning (WASL). You can view either details or trends for the individual school, school district or the entire state.

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3rd Grade WASL

Reading 3rd Grade
Meeting Standard50,514 68.2%
Level 4 (exceeds standard)24,731 33.4%
Level 3 (met standard)25,501 34.4%
Basic (met standard)282 0.3%
Not Meeting Standard23,493 31.7%
Level 2 (below standard)15,324 20.7%
Level 1 (well below standard)7,280 9.8%
No Score889 1.2%
Unexcused Absence, Refusal321 0.4%
Other*568 0.7%
Total74,007 100.0%
Meeting Standard excluding No Score  69.0%
Alternate Assessment (see WAAS)707  
WAAS Portfolio705  
WAAS DAW***2  
Not included in test calculations**827  
Excused Absence120  
Total Enrollment75,541  
Math 3rd Grade
Meeting Standard47,519 64.2%
Level 4 (exceeds standard)16,487 22.2%
Level 3 (met standard)30,879 41.7%
Basic (met standard)153 0.2%
Not Meeting Standard26,458 35.7%
Level 2 (below standard)14,317 19.3%
Level 1 (well below standard)11,350 15.3%
No Score791 1.0%
Unexcused Absence, Refusal316 0.4%
Other*475 0.6%
Total73,977 100.0%
Meeting Standard excluding No Score  64.9%
Alternate Assessment (see WAAS)663  
WAAS Portfolio662  
WAAS DAW***1  
Not included in test calculations**901  
Excused Absence159  
Total Enrollment75,541  
  • * Other (No Score) includes no booklet, enrolled but not tested, incomplete, invalidated and tested out of grade level.
  • ** Exempted includes not enrolled during testing window, partially enrolled, medical exempt, previously passed and LEP exempt.
  • *** WAAS Developmentally-Appropriate WASL (DAW) was administered prior to 2006-07.