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This displays student performance information for End-Of-Course (EOC) Math and Biology Exams.

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10th Grade EOC

EOC Biology 10th Grade
Meeting Standard including PP‡58,141 72.5%58,141 72.5%
Meeting Standard38,934 63.9%38,934 63.9%
Level 4 (exceeds standard)18,189 29.8%18,189 29.8%
Level 3 (met standard)19,445 31.9%19,445 31.9%
Basic (met standard)1,300 2.1%1,300 2.1%
Not Meeting Standard21,964 36.0%21,964 36.0%
Level 2 (below standard)11,816 19.4%11,816 19.4%
Level 1 (well below standard)4,006 6.5%4,006 6.5%
No Score6,142 10.0%6,142 10.0%
Unexcused Absence, Refusal1,325 2.1%1,325 2.1%
Other*4,817 7.9%4,817 7.9%
Total60,898 100.0%60,898 100.0%
Meeting Standard excluding No Score  71.1%  71.1%
Not included in test calculations27,548  27,548  
Excused Absence1,062  1,062  
Exempted**26,486  26,486  
Total Enrollment88,446  88,446  
  • * Other (No Score) includes no booklet, enrolled but not tested, incomplete, insufficient, invalidated and tested out of grade level.
  • ** Exempted includes not enrolled during testing window, partially enrolled, medical exempt, previously passed and NNEP exempt
  • ‡ Met Standard including PP includes all students that met the standard during this test administration and also includes students who have met the standard for this test during a previous test administration.