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This Graduation Progress Report displays state and district level summaries of the students who should have attempted the state assessment graduation requirements for the required WCAP subjects. The report breaks down which exam graduation alternative(s) assessment students attempted. It does not report any local graduation requirements such as credits earned. Each cohort in the report is based on the students’ graduation requirement year (four years from when a student enters 9th grade).

Each student is counted only once per subject; multiple test attempts within a subject are prioritized by the ranked difficulty of assessment or graduation alternative. Students are excluded from the report if they have transferred out of state or to a non-public school, if the student is deceased, or if the student withdrew from school for an unknown reason.

Select a school year for graduation requirements:
Students Meeting Assessment Graduation Requirements

Students Meeting Requirement by the following exam types:
Assessment or CAA/CIA Option Category Assessment or CAA/CIA Option ELA Math
# % # %
      Via High School General Assessment      HSPE/EOC130378.16
      Via High School General Assessment      Smarter Balanced132979.72543.23
      Via High School General Assessment      Sub Total132979.72135781.4
      Via Washington Alternative Assessments (Special Education)      HSPE/EOC-Basic201.19
      Via Washington Alternative Assessments (Special Education)      WAAS Developmentally Appropriate Proficiency Exam422.51372.21
      Via Washington Alternative Assessments (Special Education)      WAAS Portfolio120.71130.77
      Via Washington Alternative Assessments (Special Education)      Locally Determined Assessments130.77231.37
      Via Washington Alternative Assessments (Special Education)      Smarter Balanced-Basic150.89
      Via Washington Alternative Assessments (Special Education)      Sub Total824.91935.57
      Via Certificate of Academic Achievement Options      Collection of Evidence442.63281.67
      Via Certificate of Academic Achievement Options      PSAT/SAT/ACT/AP100.5960.35
      Via Certificate of Academic Achievement Options      Sub Total543.23342.03
      Via Special Waiver      Out-of-State Waivers120.71140.83
      Via Special Waiver      Expedited Assessment Appeals Waiver10.0510.05
      Via Special Waiver      Sub Total130.77150.89
      Met      Total Met147888.66149989.92
      Not Met      Tested: NotMet794.73694.13
      Not Met      No Score1106.59995.93
      TOTAL      Total Met and Not Met16671001667100