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High School Dual Credit Participation Summary

Dual Credit Programs allow students to take rigorous college-level courses while still in high school. Students may become eligible for the awarding of college credit based on test scores obtained in year-end examinations, or by course grade, depending on the dual credit program.

(more info: Dual Credit Programs. Dual Credit Report Business Rules)
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High School Dual Credit Participation by Student Demographics and Programs

By Dual Credit Course Option
Dual Credit Course Option Grades 9-12 Total Students Number Completed One* Percent Completed One*
At Least One Option 7,664 5,292 69.1%
Advanced Placement 7,664 2,368 30.9%
College in High School 7,664 764 10.0%
Cambridge 7,664 187 2.4%
Tech Prep 7,664 3,823 49.9%
Running Start 7,664 454 5.9%
  • Note:
    • * Number of Students who took at least one course of the specified Dual Credit Course Option
    • ** Data Populated "As Of" 03-02-2017