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District  > Washington State  > Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction  > Seattle Public Schools  > Aki Kurose Middle School
Aki Kurose Middle School
  Principal Mia Williams
2062527700    (more info)
  3928 S GRAHAM ST Seattle 98118-3172
Seattle Public Schools
  Grade Span: 6-8
Note: This section of Washington State Report Card presents 2017 proficiency and participation results consistent with Annual Measureable Objective calculations used in previous years. Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) is not calculated and school and district AYP status lists are not published in the ‘district list’ and ‘school list’ views for the 2016-17 school year.

Adequate Yearly Progress Participation/Other Indicator Detail

This page presents AYP participation and other indicator details. (What does Adequately Yearly Progress and ESEA mean?) The other indicator is unexcused absences for grades 1 to 8 and on-time graduation rate for grades 9 to 12.
Select year:
Participation Other Indicator
ELA Math Unexcused Absences Graduation/Dropout Rate
Participants Total Rate Met 95% Goal Participants Total Rate Met 95% Goal This Year's Rate Met Target This Year? Previous Year Rate * This Year's Rate Met Target This Year? Previous Year Rate * Met Target Overall?
AllGrade 622172098.7Yes22373199.0Yes----
Grade 7255257
Grade 8244251
American Indian / Alaskan NativeGrade 61100.0N<Required1100.0N<Required----
Grade 7
Grade 8
AsianGrade 67626399.2Yes7726799.2Yes----
Grade 78283
Grade 8105107
Native Hawaiian / Other Pacific IslanderGrade 64100.0N<Required4100.0N<Required----
Grade 7
Grade 8
Black / African AmericanGrade 68926898.8Yes9027198.8Yes----
Grade 7104104
Grade 87577
Hispanic / Latino of any race(s)Grade 63111797.4Yes3112098.3Yes----
Grade 74949
Grade 83740
WhiteGrade 62796.2N<Required28100.0N<Required----
Grade 7
Grade 8
Two or More RacesGrade 640100.0Yes40100.0Yes----
Grade 7
Grade 8
Limited EnglishGrade 65716698.1Yes5917797.7Yes----
Grade 75254
Grade 85764
Special EducationGrade 612095.8Yes12095.0Yes----
Grade 7
Grade 8
Low IncomeGrade 617454299.0Yes17655399.0Yes----
Grade 7193195
Grade 8175182
* Denotes a successful appeal by the district or a district who met participation through averaging rules.   


Results with fewer students than required are not shown. Results not shown may also indicate data not available.