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Toledo School District
  Superintendent Chris Rust
360.864.6325    (more info)
  116 RAMSEY WAY TOLEDO 98591-0469
Capital Region ESD 113
Adequate Yearly Progress School List
This page lists the AYP results (more info) for schools in this school district.

Due to a waiver granted by the USDE for the 2014-15 School year, whether or not a school or district increases a step of improvement is determined based on three Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs): ELA Participation, Math Participation, and Other Indicator. This page indicates whether a school did or did not meet the 3 AMOs used to determine a step increase (“Yes” under “met AYP” indicates meeting all 3; “No” means one or more were not met). Whether or not a school increases a step is dependent which of the three AMOs the school has not met in the past. To see details on whether or not a school or district made Adequate Yearly Progress by meeting all 5 AMOs, select ‘summary’ from the dropdown at the top left of this page.
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School CodeSchool NameMet AMO'sImprovement Step 2014-15 *Title I 2014-15Title I 2015-16
5190 Cowlitz Prairie Academy Yes   
2998 Toledo Elementary School Yes4  
2616 Toledo High School No5  
3977 Toledo Middle School Yes1YesYes

*AYP Steps are preliminary pending final approval of Title I applications. Final results will be posted around November 5, 2015. The preliminary determination will change for schools receiving Title I funds for the first time in 2015-16, reverting back to step 1 if they were in a higher step at the end of 2014-2015.