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  Superintendent Kevin Alfano
2535171000    (more info)
  5802 20TH ST E TACOMA 98424-2000
Puget Sound Educational Service District 121

Annual Measurable Objective Summary

This page presents a summary of your Annual Measurable Objective (AMO) results. (What do AMO and ESEA mean?) To see the data used to compute each proficiency cell, switch “Summary” to “Proficiency Detail” and click “go.”
On/Above Group performs on or above target. N<Required Group has fewer than required.
Below Group performs below target. No Students Group has no students.
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Student GroupProficiencyTargetMet TargetProficiencyTargetMet TargetMet 95% Participation TargetMet 95% Participation Target
All 71.0 72.7 Below 57.4 60.0 Below On/Above On/Above
American Indian / Alaskan Native 62.5 Base Year 41.7 Base Year On/Above On/Above
Asian 70.2 75.6 Below 63.7 69.0 Below On/Above On/Above
Native Hawaiian / Other Pacific Islander 37.5 50.0 Below 25.5 40.0 Below On/Above On/Above
Black / African American 66.1 55.8 On/Above 46.4 45.7 On/Above On/Above On/Above
Hispanic / Latino of any race(s) 56.4 55.4 On/Above 39.1 43.6 Below On/Above On/Above
White 77.7 77.9 Below 64.2 65.0 Below On/Above On/Above
Two or More Races 71.2 79.3 Below 60.3 61.1 Below On/Above On/Above
Limited English 23.5 24.5 Below 16.9 21.4 Below On/Above On/Above
Special Education 33.9 35.7 Below 24.7 31.1 Below On/Above On/Above
Low Income 58.4 62.5 Below 42.3 49.9 Below On/Above On/Above
Other Indicator


Results with fewer students than required are not shown. Results not shown may also indicate data not available.